Support multiple JWT Authorities in a .NET Core application

This post describes how you can support multiple JWT Authorities in your (ASP).NET Core application and how you can select the correct authority for each request. This post doesn’t cover the integration with an OIDC service or proxy. It assumes there is a jwt-token on the request and your application uses this token to performContinue reading “Support multiple JWT Authorities in a .NET Core application”

A Source Generator for your appsettings.json

Recently Microsoft introduced a new feature for .NET called ‘Source Generators’. It’s still in preview and will (probably) be released with .NET Core 5. Source Generators seem to excite a lot of people. So what are Source Generators exactly? A short answer could be: Source Generators can add code during compilation-time. If thats not satisfying,Continue reading “A Source Generator for your appsettings.json”

Integrating Blazor WebAssembly with Stripe

All the code is available here: For a personal project, build with Blazor WebAssembly I needed an integration with a payment provider. Since stripe seems to be a perfect choice and integrates with everything, I decided to give it a go. I never actually build an integration with such a service, but I wasContinue reading “Integrating Blazor WebAssembly with Stripe”

NuGet Package for DD4T and Experience Manager

Today I released a NuGet package for Experience Manager and DD4T (.NET). It allows a developer to easily add the required MarkUp to his (View)Models to enable the inline editing features of the Experience Manager from SDL Tridion. Only use this package if you use the DD4T .NET framework! Install the package using the packageContinue reading “NuGet Package for DD4T and Experience Manager”

Custom Resolvers and Configuration

While working on a Custom Resolver, I needed to grab some configuration values. This seems fairly straightforward, and the documentation from SDL Tridion covers this. It states that we have to add a ConfigurationSection to the ‘Tridion.ContentManager.config’ file and that we can read these values using the following code: It’s unclear where ‘Config.GetConfig’ comes from, butContinue reading “Custom Resolvers and Configuration”

How to detect if you are in the Editor view in XPM (serverside)

While working on an Experience Manager implementation, you often find yourself (at least I do) in the position where you want to change/update the HTML that is generated to be able to edit the content nicely in Experience Manager. XPM uses HTML-comments to ‘mark’ fields as being editable. The XPM JavaScript draws a border aroundContinue reading “How to detect if you are in the Editor view in XPM (serverside)”

Domain Driven Development with DD4T and XPM

What a title that is 🙂 DD4T stands for Dynamic Delivery For Tridion and is a leightweight ASP.NET MVC framework build on top of the SDL Tridion stack. It’s opensource and you can find more about it here XPM is the WYSIWYG editor (and much more!) that ships with SDL Tridion. Domain Driven Development is…Continue reading “Domain Driven Development with DD4T and XPM”

Troubleshooting the SDL Tridion Experience Manager with Session Preview

In the past week I had the opportunity to install the Experience Manager with Session Preview on a completely DD4T and SDL Tridion driven website. Configuring the Experience Manager can be quite painful. Especially if you don’t know how Session Preview (exactly) works and if you have no clue where to start and where toContinue reading “Troubleshooting the SDL Tridion Experience Manager with Session Preview”

DD4T and caching

In this post I will try to describe the caching options that are available to you, to increase the responsiveness and the performance of your dynamic website build on top of the Dynamic Delivery for Tridion (DD4T) framework. In a website build with DD4T (almost) all content comes from the Broker Database. The content isContinue reading “DD4T and caching”

Tridion GUI Extensions : How to load a JavaScript without showing a GUI element

A while ago I was struggling with the above mentioned challenge: I wanted to load some JavaScript into the Tridion Content Manager GUI, but without showing a corresponding GUI element (Button, list, etc). I searched the online documentation portal, the good old forum, searched all the Tridion blogs, but could not find it. With noContinue reading “Tridion GUI Extensions : How to load a JavaScript without showing a GUI element”