NuGet Package for DD4T and Experience Manager

Today I released a NuGet package for Experience Manager and DD4T (.NET). It allows a developer to easily add the required MarkUp to his (View)Models to enable the inline editing features of the Experience Manager from SDL Tridion. Only use this package if you use the DD4T .NET framework! Install the package using the packageContinue reading “NuGet Package for DD4T and Experience Manager”

Custom Resolvers and Configuration

While working on a Custom Resolver, I needed to grab some configuration values. This seems fairly straightforward, and the documentation¬†from SDL Tridion covers this. It states that we have to add a ConfigurationSection to the ‘Tridion.ContentManager.config’ file and that we can read these values using the following code: It’s unclear where ‘Config.GetConfig’ comes from, butContinue reading “Custom Resolvers and Configuration”